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Hykim - Robot Bear

Michael Dickinson (left) and Peter Turner (right) with Hykim in it's fur suit.
Image supplied by Jonathan Carroll (NHM)

Hykim's body design was done by Michael Dickinson, seen in the image to the left. Michael is a lecturer in Visual Communication and Industrial Design in the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology at the University of Newcastle.

As well as designing the ABS Plastic body parts Michael also designed a fur suit to make Hykim more ascetic - this was a requirement for the original tender process in 2007. The fur suit is very clever, with a minimum of pieces the fur suit covers Hykim's body without interfering with Hykim's movement.

To continue along with the Open-Platform philosophy, Hykim's User Manual is a Wiki where customers are encouraged to add to the User Manual as well as submit code for others to use. We hope that Hykim will become a platform for a collaborative project between many Universities.

So, if you are interested in getting a Hykim and joining this collaborative project, then please see our pricing for this advanced robotic platform here.

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