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Hykim - Robot Bear

Hykim's Head Data Acquisition Module (HDAQ) is shown in the image below, and mounts (as the name suggests) in Hykim's head - as shown in the image towards the bottom of this page. Having Hykim's sensors acquired by a localised mcu has two main advantages, sensor data can be pre-processed before being sent serially to HyInt and the wiring is kept to a minimum thus minimising noise that maybe induced into the sensors cable.

The HDAQ module acquires the following data:

  • 3 Capacitive Touch Sensors,
  • 2-axis Gyro;
  • 3-axis Accelerometer; and
  • Infrared Distance Sensors.

The HDAQ is also based around the ATMega128 - having the same two advantages as the BDAQ.

With the configuration available in HyKim it is possible to:

  1. generate an executable on a PC,
  2. transfer the executable wirelessly to the CM-iGLX, then
  3. transfer the executable to UART1 via CM-iGLX's COM1 port

The HDAQ also provides an interface to 2 128x128 pixel OLED's. These can be either used as 'eyes' or to display diagnostic information when Hykim is acting autonomously. The OLED's are connected to the SDI port of the ATMega128 making it easy to configure and display data.

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