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HyInt - Robot Processing System


PB704A is the motherboard of the HyInt system as both the CM-iGLX and PB704B (Power Supply) boards connect to it.

This board not only provides a secure mounting location for the CM-iGLX but transfers all the necessary signals from the CM-iGLX to appropriate connectors.

It is a relatively simple board but none-the-less required to allow access to the CM-iGLX's comms ports.

PB704B is the board within the HyInt system that:

  1. takes the supply voltage, from either the battery pack or the DC jack, and generates 5V and 3.3V that are used by the various sub-modules,
  2. has circuitry that monitors the battery voltage and at preset levels will shutdown the Dynamixel network whilst warning the CM-iGLX that a power shut down is imminent, and
  3. provides the connectors for the Dynamixel network.


To continue along with the Open-Platform philosophy used for Hykim, HyInt's User Manual is a Wiki where customers are encouraged to add to the User Manual as well as submit code for others to use. We hope that both Hykim and HyInt will become a platform for a collaborative project between many Universities.

So, if you are interested in getting a HyInt and joining this collaborative project, then please see our pricing for this advanced robotic platform here.

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