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HyInt - Robot Processing System

Compulab provide Linux (Gentoo-based), Windows CE and Windows XP images for the CM-iGLX - for more detailed information on the functionality covered by each OS, the user is directed to Compulab's Availability of O/S and Drivers for CM-iGLX web page . The actual images can be downloaded from Compulabs Developers Resources for CM-iGLX web page .

In addition to the Linux image made available by Compulab, Tribotix have developed a 250Mb embedded Linux image that includes all the device drivers required for the peripheral hardware connected to HyInt . Details of the image follow.

Debian etch (Debian 4.0r2)
Linux Kernel: 2.6.18  

apache (1.3.34-4.1)  

build-essentials (11.3) which includes:
- dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.5) package building tools for Debian
- g++ (4:4.1.1-15) The GNU C++ compiler
- gcc (4:4.1.1-15) The GNU C compiler
- libc6-dev [not alpha, ia64] GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files also a virtual package provided by libc6.1-dev
- make (3.81-2) The GNU version of the "make" utility.  

python (2.4.4-2)  

madwifi-source (1:0.9.2+r1842.20061207-2etch1)  

madwifi-tools (1:0.9.2+dfsg-1) ?? I need to double check if this one is loaded  

webcam (3.95.dfsg.1-1)

The debian etch image can be downloaded from the HyInt User Manual Wiki.

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