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HyInt - Robot Processing System

The HyInt module can be used in any robotic project where a powerful processor with minimal current draw is required. The image below shows a HyInt which has been fitted to Robotis's CycloidII, the HyInt replaced the CM2 which was supplied as standard with these Humanoids.

The name HyInt was derived as an abbreviation/acronym of sorts for Hykim's Intelligence.

HyInt processing module
perfect for Dynamixel based robots

HyInt consists of 3 pcb's, the heart of this module being Compulab's CM-iGLX computer module. The other 2 pcb's provide a rugged mounting point for the CM-iGLX as well as circuitry for external intefaces and power distribution and management.

NB. we are currently modifying Hykim's mechanical structure so that it is a pure biped/humanoid - we will call it Hymie in honour of the robot from the 1960's comedy series Get Smart .... this too will be based around HyInt. This will be available as soon as we get some time, we just don't seem to be able to find enough time lately.
"It's the same old story. Nobody cares about a robot. Just wind him up, turn him loose, and grease him every thousand miles." - Hymie the Robot , Get Smart
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