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Standard PC-based Robot with Convenient Interfaces

High Performance and Advanced Features

- Default walking speed: 24.0 cm/sec (9.44 in/sec) 0.25 sec/step - user modifiable gait
- Default standing up time from ground: 2.8 sec (from facing down) and 3.9 sec (from facing up)
- Built-in PC: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 on-board 4GB flash SSD
- Management controller (CM-730): ARM CortexM3 STM32F103RE 72MHz
- 20 actuator modules (6 DOF leg x2+ 3 DOF arm x2 + 2 DOF neck)
- Actuators with durable metallic gears (DYNAMIXEL MX-28)
- Self-maintenance kit (easy to follow steps and instructions)
- Standby mode for low power consumption
- 3Mbps high-speed Dynamixel bus for joint control
- Battery (30 minutes of operations), charger, and external power adapter
- Versatile functionality (can accept legacy, current, and future peripherals)
- 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, button x3, detection microphone x2

Efficient and Versatile Modular Configuration

Simple and Clean Architecture

Open Platform (Hardware and Software)
- Mechanics Information
  (Dimensions, Kinematics, Dynamics, CAD data)
- Electronics Information
  (Controllers, Sub B/Ds, Schematics, Part Information)
- Software Information
  (Development Environment, Framework, Source Code)
- Management Information
  (Detailed Assembly Diagrams, User Manintenance Guide)
- Community Resources
  (User-developed Code, Various Application Examples)

Dimensions and Weight

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