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Dynamixel module features ....

The Dynamixel modules have the following advantages over similar products:-

  • Precise Control Control position and speed with fine angular resolution. The AX, DX, RX & EX modules have 10bit resolution (1024 divisions), whilst the MX module has 12bit resolution (4096 divisions) for positioning.
  • Compliance Driving Control the degree of elastic force in position control (AX, DX, RX & EX) or PID Control (MX).
  • Feedback Feedback for angular position, speed and load size.
  • Alarm System Not only does the Dynamixel warn of a deviation from the user defined ranges (e.g. internal temperatures, torques, voltages etc), but it also automatically deals with the problems as they occur.
  • Communication Daisy chain connection with support for communication speeds up to 1MBPS (AX, DX, RX & EX) to 3MBPS (MX) .
  • High Efficiency Motor Dynamixel uses the RE - MAX Series Coreless DC Motors from Swiss Maxon Motor which boasts high output torque and excellent acceleration.
  • Distributed Control The main processor requires very few resources to control multiple Dynamixel's since the movement schedule requires only a single command packet.
  • High Quality Enclosure The high quality plastic body ensures structural integrity under all operational conditions.
  • Metal Gears (DX, RX, EX & MX) All the gear sets are made of metal to ensure extreme durability.
  • Axis Bearing (DX, RX, EX & MX) A bearing is used on the final axis to ensure there is no loss of efficiency during heavily loaded conditions.
  • Status LED A LED indicates error status.
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